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Telecommunications is difficult to understand at the best of times. With changes to technology occuring at the rate they are today, it is getting even harder for the IT professionals, let alone a business owner.

So what sets one company apart from another offering the sames services or products?

If you have come across a company like this the chances are it is because of the way they deal with you. It was the level of service, knowledge of their products and the great feeling they left you with having dealt with them.

We are one of those companies. Teletronics has become an established name in business telecommunications within Perth. Since 1991, we have helped businesses from small, home-based operations to multi-national companies by providing leading-edge technology with up to date knowledge of telecommunications. We pride ourselves on professional service and educating our clients in the best system necessary for their business, using informative and straightforward language.

We are a team of dedicated and highly skilled technicians operating in Wangara and servicing businesses throughout Australia. Since we opened our doors in 1991 we have helped an amazing number of business owners acquire just the right communication systems for their needs, from small home based businesses through to major multi-national companies.

Why not talk to one of our consultants to find out just how easy it is to obtain the right communication system for your business. 

Call us now at (08) 9309 9688 or email sales@teletronics.com.au


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