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Q What is conference calling and how does it work?
A Conference calling is joining 3 or more people in a conversation via the telephone. Generally this is accomplished by calling the first party, pressing the conference key, calling the next party and pressing the conference key. Please refer to your user guide for exact instructions.

Q My customers don't like the chimes when they are put on hold. What other options are there?
A We can install a LIU (line isolation unit) which enables any music source (ie, radio, CD player) to be connected to your phone system as your hold music. You will also need a LIU for a professionally recorded message on hold service to be connected to your phone system.

Q Can my phone system put calls on hold automatically when the receptionist is already on a call?
A If you have the applicable hardware you will be able to use an auto attendant feature. An auto attendant answers your incoming calls and puts them on hold until you are able to answer the call. This saves the customer from hearing long periods of ringing and subsequently hanging up. It is also a great way to advertise your services whilst your customers are waiting.

Q How does line hunt work?
A Line hunt is a service offered by Telstra to allow more than one incoming call on your main number. When your main number is busy the incoming call will be diverted to your next available number in a line hunt group. The number of incoming calls allowed will depend on the number of services you have in your line hunt group.

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