We make understanding phone systems easy. Below is a list of common technical terms with their meanings in plain English.

ISDN - Digital lines that are in sets of two.

PSTN - Analogue phone lines. Most businesses run their fax, ADSL and eftpos services on analogue lines.

PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) - This is commonly described as the main equipment of your phone system, which is a KSU (Key System Unit).

KSU - Is a Key System Unit, otherwise known as a phone system’s main equipment.

Voice Mail System Voice Mail - Provides a message bank service for each phone extension. On more sophisticated systems voice mail can be for departments and groups, such as after hours. Voice mail systems also include auto attendants.

On Hold Music / Message - A third party service that provides professional recordings informing your customers of your services, there are a number of third party companies that provide this service.

Auto Attendant - A "virtual receptionist" who can answer incoming calls and play a recorded message either informing callers that their call will be answered shortly or that the office is closed. Auto attendants also include caller menu's to select an option to direct their call to the applicable area.

VoIP / IP Telephony VoIP - Voice Over Internet Protocol (sometimes called Internet Telephony) is touted in some circles as the technology of future. The reasoning is simple, really. VoIP is bringing possibilities to the forefront of technological thinking because the possibilities were listed as impossible just a few years ago. VoIP uses an Internet connection for routing telephone calls, as opposed to conventional landlines. This process holds great promise in providing higher efficiency and lower cost for communication consumers.

Number Redirection - Number redirection is applicable in several circumstances including diverting to your mobile or another phone number when you are out of the office, or when you have moved offices and your new office is in a different exchange zone to your old office and you wish to keep your number for customers to call.

CTI Computer Telephony Integration - CTI is a broad term that covers the connection between your computer and your phone system. CTI can provide dialling from outlook, screen popping, call logging and recording, as well as a host of other features.

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