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telstra_partner.jpgTeletronics is an authorised Telstra dealer. By partnering with us  we can handle all your Telstra-related enquiries. We work with reliable vendors including Avaya, Cisco, Juniper and LG. 

As an authorised dealer for Telstra fixed services, we can arrange all your telecommunications requirements including:

  • New lines for new Telstra Customers
  • Additional lines for existing Telstra Customers
  • New internet services (including ADSL, BDSL, Fibre)
  • Modifications to existing services
  • Number relocations and redirections
  • Cancellation of services that are no longer required
  • Complimentary Phone Bill Analysis
  • Single Billing for all your phone, data and mobile services

So call us today or fax us your current phone bill to get the wheels in motion for an obligation free quotation.

Telstra Business SystemsTelstra.JPG

Would you like to get a new phone system and pay for it on your Telstra phone bill? With Telstra Business Systems (TBS) you can!

A Telstra business phone system package can reshape the way you do business. Whether you are running a small trade operation or managing a large multi-site business, Telstra’s complete communications package can provide you with the capability to run your business like never before.

What is included with your Telstra Business System Package?

  • A new Telstra business phone system chosen by you from our comprehensive range
  • Monthly rebates off eligible calls
  • Expert advice and local support from your Telstra dealer, who will work with you to understand your individual business needs
  • Flexible payment options including the ability to apply for finance and get a new Telstra phone system with no upfront fees

Telstra SIP Connect

The Telstra SIP Connect service allows you to connect a voice system that is accredited by us to the public telephone network via the Telstra IP Telephony platform.  We will tell you whether your voice system is an accredited voice system at the time you apply for your Telstra SIP Connect service.


 Help your organisation to get:

You can choose to use a mix of legacy and Telstra hosted equipment to suit each site. You can also reallocate capacity when needed with the optional Business Trunks Shared Capacity feature.

Add or remove voice channels fast at low cost as business needs change.

 Improved management
Simplify moves, additions and changes. Call reporting allows you to control forecasting and budgeting.

 Real Time Billing
Real time billing provides outgoing call record information after the completion of each call. It allows you to monitor call costs with appropriate software so you can forecast and budget with more accuracy.

 Business Trunks Shared Capacity
Purchasing a shared pool of call capacity instead of having dedicated capacity for individual sites, allows consolidation of call resources, reducing the total number of channels required. This also provides the possibility to maintain full call capacity for business continuity in the event of a network failover (when purchased in conjunction with the Business Continuity call redirection option).

For more information download the Telstra SIP Brochure. business-sip-connect-brochure.pdf

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